Monday, January 11, 2010

New York/New Jersey: This was the 2nd time Jason had seen Uncle George. The last time was at our wedding in '93!
me and Uncle George. Loved this part of the trip!

One last look at the city at night. This was taken as I walked across the street to get our car.

I loved how this building was decorated. It was a bow of all lights. Looked very cool.

this is the door handle at the NBA store. Everyone seemed to have revolving doors and this was the most clever one we saw.

Made out of legos!

My hand compared to Shaq's hand. Yikes.

I never thought of Jason as a short person!

You had to be there to appreciate this one!

Juicy store.

St. Patrick's at night. Even prettier than during the day.

The Rockefeller tree.

Rockefeller ice skaters at night.

Our pretzel, purchased in Battery Park. It was almost unbearable how cold it was down here by the water. The guy that sold these to us tried to rip us off. The sign on his cart said, 'pretzel $2'. then he tried to charge us $6 for 2. When Jason said something, he said, "Oh, I don't have the $2 pretzels today". BS. We called him on it and he gave us them for the price on his sign.

Ground zero.


This made us laugh. This is a shot of the drive into the city. Each one of these buildings is owned by Mr. D. Trump. They are all apartment buildings. First one is called Trump, second one is called Trump, third one is called Trump... you get the idea.

Well,that is our trip. I had a FANTASTIC time but was so happy to be home.

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