Saturday, January 16, 2010

My new favorite site

I'm a bit of a blog-hopper in my 'spare' time. This is usually around 11pm, while I am in bed and just trying to wind down from another crazy day. I love to check out all of the new, cute, crafty ideas other people have.

I was so excited to find

I've looked at those Pottery Barn catalogs with drool and an empty wallet. I think that even if I could afford the furniture in the Pottery Barn catalogs, I wouldn't purchase anything in it.

Like this locker style piece of furniture. I'd really love to have 4 of these in my entryway. I know, first I need an entryway, but those are just details. Normally, this simple piece is $639, but right now it's on sale for $599. Hold on while I do the math... $600 (rounding up) plus 4 equals $2400. Ya, plus shipping, tax and that ever so pesky 'handling', I'm sure I'm looking a lot closer to $3000.

Well, Ana, over at has the complete plans for a ton of furniture products from companies like Pottery Barn. In fact, she has this locker style one too! All plans, all measurements, all for you for FREE! She even suggests you going to Home Depot and having them make ALL of the cuts for you. That's right, no table saw needed!

Now, I only need to pick an easy one to start with and find some more of that spare time I mentioned earlier.

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