Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I've been up to...

Recently... not much. I feel like I can take a breath right now because I am done with my second quarter. I just found out that my GPA is 4.0. HUGE relief!! I took 2 classes this quarter and one was fun, fairly easy but a lot of work and the other was fun, not so easy and a TON of work! So, I'm pretty happy with that.
But, on to much more exciting topics...
Here is a shot of Molly and her best friend, Lexi. They were both one of the many kids that were a part of an honor ceremony for their GPA's. Molly's was a 3.783!! (And that is with taking a 9th grade algebra class too!) Jacob just missed it, by the way. We are still pretty proud of both of our Junior Higher's grades!! They are nothing like their parents at that age.

Let me also add that Molly has not worn a dress or skirt in YEARS! She went out and picked this dress out all on her own and paid for it with her own money. She is a pretty thrifty person as her dress cost only $15! I offered to buy her some nice shoes with a little heel on them, nope, she didn't want any heel at all and borrowed some flats from Lexi.

Here are the girls, all dressed up! GOOD JOB!!!

And here is Maya with her science project. She worked so hard on this (actually, WE worked so hard on this). She tested three different brands of batteries to find out which one lasted the longest. Next time you need batteries, trust that little bunny... he really does keep going and going and going. She did a fantastic job!
more to come, I need to go make dinner...


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  1. I'm so proud of all your kids! I need to come visit and spend the night just hangin' with them (if they are all home for a night!). Love to you all!