Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When I got to Molly's concert last week, I got there plenty early to position myself in the best possible picture-taking spot. I knew the gym would fill up fast so I was pretty proud of myself for getting there in time to get the PERFECT spot.
And it would have been the perfect spot if they were in the same spots they were in at the last concert. For some reason they were on the complete oposite side this time. So no pictures of her acutally playing her bass.
I settled for getting pictures of her during her down time, waiting for the other bands to perform.
One small glitch... she spotted me trying to get her picture so she hid behind her bass, like this:

So then I would text her and threaten her if she didn't knock it off, so I have some pictures of her trying to slyly read her texts, like this:
Can you tell by her fact that she is very frightened by my threats?

But I did sneak this one in:

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