Wednesday, March 31, 2010


These are not the greatest pictures but it gives you an idea of how miserable Macey was. Last Sunday at about 10pm, Macey comes to me and tells me that she is itchy. I lifted up her shirt and this is what I found. This is her back and I know the picture stinks, but you can see the splotchy red parts. It was like this all over her body. Here is her back: It looked like someone had punched her in the face.

Big red welts on her forehead.

We can't say for sure what caused them but Jason and I are about 90% positive it was an allergic reaction to the penicilin (sp?) she was on.

It is 4 days later and she still looks pretty bad and is still very itchy. Benedryl wipes her out too. The doctor gave her some on Monday morning and this is where she was about a half an hour later:

This was taken from my cell phone camera.


  1. Poor Macey! I hope she didn't feel horrible once the Benadryl wore off. I take stuff like that and wake up feeling like I have a hang over. It sucks. Get better Macey-Jo!

  2. Our best wishes for Macey to get better soon. We know how it feels! Love, Dad & Jackie