Friday, May 21, 2010

this and that

I am happy to say that this quarter is ALMOST over! I'll get to check off 12 more credits! 34 total! Yeah!! I am sad to say that my time spent in the ECE dept. has come to an end. I've created such great relationships there with students and staff and that will be missed. Now I'm on to the exciting world of math, sciences, english... joy.

I am also looking forward to another member of the family joining us very soon! Cameron's fiance' is expecting on June 3rd!! Little Julian James will be the second boy in the family. The first will be 14 and a half years old! I can't believe it's been that long. My kids are excited to have 6 cousins now.

A few weeks ago, I put a shower on for Tanya. Here's a few shots:

I had high hopes of making my own cake using fondant but realized I had zero time to do that. I still want to try this though, it looks so fun.

These pictures should be switched. The bottom one is a little girl who was helping Tanya with her presents. There was a lot of little gifts in this laundry basket and pretty soon she was inside of it trying to get them all out (see above picture). She was so cute because after Tanya opened up the gifts she would be a little Vanna White and model the present for everyone to see.

look at that belly! LOVE IT!!!

My wonderful MIL made all of the food. I didn't want to stop eating! It was amazing food!!

Molly took this m-n-m's shot. She likes to get some interesting shots... wonder where she gets that from?

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  1. So glad you finally blogged! Now how about some pictures of the kiddos?