Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Mom's day....

This post is (obviously) a little late but I have good reason for that. I had big plans for Mother's Day. I wanted to go hiking with my little family. My experienced sister, Debbie, gave me some good advice on where to go and what to bring. Unfortunatly, we found out that Jason had to work that day so scratch that plan! I know I still could have gone but I really wanted it to be a family day. So instead, after church the kids and I weeded and weeded and weeded. They weren't exactly excited to be out there sweatin' on a Sunday but I was very proud of them and we got soooooooo much done! I took a 'before' picture but funny thing is, I can't find it! Weird, I know. But if you've been to my house lately, then you'll know that it was a MESS!!!!! The only plants I had in the garden area were 2 lavendars, 1 flowering bush (not sure what it is called) and a small tree, oh and a clematis that needed some attention. So the reason for the lateness in this post, is I just finished planting yesterday... well, finished for now. It is mostly done. I still need to hang the lattice for the wisteria but it is really coming along. I was looking for some chaotic color and after time, it will start to grow in so nicely. One of my favorite features is this tiered pot I painted. I found it here. I liked the idea of all white flowers against the colorful pots so I went that way. I'm not done with this either, I want to paint a white 'P' on it or my house nubmers, I can't decide yet. I need to wait for the pots to completely dry and thanks to Mother Nature, I still can't get that done! The top pot will have a large, white flowering blossom too. I'm just waiting for that to happen...


  1. It looks beautiful Michelle! Way to get some hard labor out of your kids.

  2. It is so pretty! You are right to be proud!