Friday, July 16, 2010

Fish on!

Last Wednesday night Jason, his friend Jason (I'll call him Jason E.), and Jason E's dad drove up to Westport to go fishing with my uncle. The last time Jason went fishing in Westport was about 17 years ago. I went with him then and I have to say, I'm glad it was just him that went this time. I love being out on the ocean, and getting to hang out with my uncle, but it is way too long of a day for me! They check in at 5:15am and don't dock again until about 4pm. 12 hours on the boat...nope, not for me.

But Jason, Jason E, and his dad had a blast! It was cold but nice. Fought off a few sharks and lost a couple of bets (first catch, biggest fish) but they're already planning their next visit!

A HUGE, Giant thank you to my Aunt Doll and Uncle Dave for letting the boys stay in the apt and for a FANTASTICALLY delicious trip!!!


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